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The other popular BMW Forum in Australia


New member
Hi everyone,
I just had a bizarre experience with that other popular BMW forum, I don't think I need to name it.
Anyway, I simply asked what is the best OBD scanner for a 1 Series available in Australia, without having to pay for the software etc.?
So this guy replies with non interpretable nonsense and basically trolls me. I then report him. I should have looked at his profile, because it turns out he's one of the senior admins/moderators 😂
I've experienced a lot of power tripping on technical forums over the years, but this takes the cake, how pathetic. He even called me a bot!???
I'd appreciate it if anyone does have a helpful answer to my question... I mean, unless I get instantly banned from this one. I am sincerely just trying to help my 87 year old father with his BMW.
strange.. welcome to our forum.

OBDFusion is a popular one, but none of the cheap ones work on all models and will show you all codes from what I understand.

I ended up buying a cheap odb Bluetooth adapter and using torquepro for Android, but again very basic and missed codes that my independent found when he scanned with a proper tool.

If you are prepared at spending a few hundred $$$, then quite a few 'ebay' options, but you need some pc experienceto get them working.

a lot of the time if you just need a decent scan once off, then it's easier/cheaper to go to an independent and just pay them a few $$$ for a scan.

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Thanks for that. I was going round in circles because there is not cheap way out, so I'll tell him to take it to a dealer. I'd go the PC route, but my elderly cat p**sed on my laptop 😄 no joke. Nothing gets chocolate out.
your cat pisses chocolate???? that's almost as good as the goose that lays the golden egg!!

Take it to a good independent, they should be cheaper than a proper dealer and normally more friendly to show you the results.

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