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My E39 540i Build thread

Kustom Haus

New member
Well hello guys and girls I am new here to the forum and would like to share my build and experience with working and modifying my car I had previously owned an E39 528i and I fell in love with the car my mods on the 528i were as follows after an over heating issue I pulled the motor from the car and proceeded to rebuild the engine it got a little out of control somewhere along the line I ended up ditching the block and buying a m50 iron block got it all cleaned up and decked incl. mild head work port and polish valve seats and so on then I had a brain storm and purchased a burt out m54b30 and put the crank piston rods and intake cam in the new build and I thought what if I used a thicker head gasket and put a turbo on it and thats when i think it started to become more than a rebuild the car turned out great but I have since sold the car and now I have this 540i so now she has all my attention, so I hope you guys will enjoy the ride as I document this build I will attach some pics of the car to see what she looks like and then I will photograph the mods as I go. My first thing I will be doing is the the coolant cross over pipes under the manifold as it is corroded really badly I may even do timing chain and guides I have not made my mind up about that she has 284,000 on the clock and I have no idea what work is done to it the chain seems tight and from what I see inside valve cover it looks really clean I may wait till I hear the dreaded rattle and do it then. So I have ordered parts for the start of my project I have on ordered coilovers, new head unit, drilled and slotted brakes, new coolant pipes, pump and thermostat, widscreen outer seal moulding trim, I will then get the car on the road I have some skirt front and rear bumper mods I want to try I will see how they go and possible front headlight mods. The clear coat needs attention I am not sure to touch up or repray ATM. So I hope you guys enjoy the Blog I will be doing ALL the work myself we ill see how I go.


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Yeah and what a PITA are the rear ones to do.....and no locking nut for the wheels, the joys.... At leats with everything apart now the new rotors and pads will be quicker to replace I will pick them up this week some time. Here is a pic of the drivers front and I just ordered a set of camber plates for shock towers these coilovers do not fit well with the factory top mounts.