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E84 N46 with multiple issues


New member
My wife's 2012 X1 E84 has always been a bit of a wild card in terms of reliability.

At the current moment, we are experiencing a number of problems which I HOPE all stem from a single source, rather than multiple system failures compounding across one another.

Issue #1 - Parasitic power draw. Left in the driveway for a week the battery will be totally drained, unable to even unlock the doors. I've checked battery draw once the car is in sleep mode, but it doesn't show any amperage being sucked down. I've put this one in the Too Hard basket to worry too much about at this point.

Issue #2 - Uneven idling. This is an intermittent problem, sometimes its there, sometimes not. It idles in bursts, a bit like a hot car with a wild cam used to do in the days before EFI. When backing out of the driveway while this happens, the car almost kangaroos and is at risk of stalling. This also appears when driving on cruise control - the engine seems to surge while cruising, the tacho and fuel consumption metre both waver up and down in time with the surging.

Issue #3 - Almost stalling. Another intermittent problem, sometimes the car stalls or almost stalls when powering off from idle. it either hesitates and refuses to rev, or revs drop right off and the car fails to take off.

Issue #4 - Changing gears. Ive noticed that sometimes it doesn't seem to want to change up a gear. Wifey had it happen the other day where it just wouldn't change out of first regardless of revs.

Issue #5 - Puff of smoke on startup. Happens occasionally - maybe 1 in 5 starts. Doesnt use oil, doesn't blow smoke on acceleration, just a bit puff of blue smoke sometimes when starting from cold.

Issue #6 - Fuel economy (or lack thereof). This thing uses about the same as my V8 mercedes - averages around 12L/100KM around town. The best I've managed to get once is about 8L/100KM on the highway for a short while after resetting the trip computer.

I did a scan using my Autel maxi-thingy which came up with some undervoltage warnings, but after erasing them and running the car while rescanning it came back 100% clear.

So, are we talking a MAF sensor? A crank angle sensor? A PCV valve? An air leak?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
OK, to the obvious basics.

1. When was the battery replaced?
2. Have you changed to LED bulbs (lots of recent talk of this causing issues).
3. What parta/fixes have you done to repair any of the issues? Was there any change at all?

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