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E60 .... a few questions


New member
Greetings .... recently purchased a 2005 E60 525i N52 and I am working thru the great workmanship and maintenance from the previous owners .... some people should never own tools.
Its in pretty good shape but needs a few jobs done which can be mostly sorted via google , youtube and a bit of common sense

A few oddball things I cant figure out .... heres the first ....

Why would someone run a wire (red then brown) from the under bonnet +terminal to what looks like the wiring for the water pump .... ?



  • bat car a.jpg
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Is that water pump for windscreen washers, or for engine?
I can only assume the 'original' one did not work, and/or kept on blowing the fuse. The red wise looks like has a fuse inline..
Maybe it's driving the thermostat or cooling fan..

Good pics here of a setup: