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  1. Cam93

    My 1988 320i E30

    Spot on with the windex mate, came up a beaut, windex fixes everything. Bought myself an engine crane for an early Christmas present so I can smash out this swap now. Got the flywheel on the new motor, next is clutch and I should be ready to put it in, then comes the fun part, trying to work...
  2. Cam93

    My 1988 320i E30

    Just took out another few kilos of sound deadening from the front footwells, little bit of surface rust underneath but nothing a wire wheels and some primer cant fix.
  3. Cam93

    My 1988 320i E30

    Still have everything, haven't broken anything so I -could- bring it back to street spec if I wanted to, or if I sell it. Planning on weighing everything, only thing I've chucked is sound deadening that I've already removed, which was a good 25kg. The carpet was surprisingly heavy with all the...
  4. Cam93

    My 1988 320i E30

    Well here I am again, still making slow progress, but progress none the less. Ive comitted to a dedicated race car now. I had the AC degassed and I removed it and the heater core, and Ive taken out the carpet, it weighed a ton. Ive got a bit more sound deadening to remove now that I can get to...
  5. Cam93


    Welcome Pete and Pete. That's a clean looking 5 series :thumbs_up: What engine and what does your driveline upgrade contain? Alternatively you could do a breakdown in the Member's Rides section if you so desired. -Cameron
  6. Cam93

    Seeking advice....

    Gumtree have free listings, I hear Facebook Marketplace is getting popular and Carsales have free listings for cars under 5 grand. Got any pics? What state are you in? Will it come with RWC or rego?
  7. Cam93

    My 1988 320i E30

    The thought crossed my mind as I was already doing it, but I didn't no, I was fine but I probably should have haha. I suggest anyone else that does this, wear a mask or have good ventilation lol.
  8. Cam93

    My 1988 320i E30

    Still haven't got around to swapping in the engine, but I folded up the carpet and removed the sound deadener from the back seats and back floor and also the sound deadener from the boot, that was really thick, had to be at least 15-20kg in the boot alone. I didn't use dry ice, instead I used a...
  9. Cam93

    E36 316i Compact engine swap

    Awesome work, I'm looking forward to seeing vids of it out on the track, the startup sounds mean.
  10. Cam93

    Introduction Hano_03

    Welcome to the forum mate. That's awesome, an E36 is on my list of cars to build one day. Either an M3 for racing or a 318 or 328 for drifting, I'm not sure yet, but I will one day. -Cameron
  11. Cam93

    Weekend Plans

    Help keep me going through the week, what did you guys do to your cars on the weekend? What do you have planned for next weekend? Putting my 30 on a diet and converting to a 2 seater. Then engine swapping on the weekend.
  12. Cam93

    Jesse Burrell---wanting to know how much I could get for my 89 525i???

    Automatic and 300thousand Kms, unfortunately that's not highly desirable, maybe a couple grand? You might actually be better off putting a set of stocks on it and selling it like that and then sell the wheels separately. If you have the time and space, a part out might get you a bit more for it all.
  13. Cam93

    My 1988 320i E30

    Me: Racecar? Also me: Racecar! So plans now are, keep going with the engine replacement, get the old one out, take off the good bits and put them on the replacement motor and jam it back in. I just took out the rear seats and belts and will get that mod plated and get some dry-ice to get rid...
  14. Cam93

    My 1988 320i E30

    Wow, it's been a while, hello to everyone still here. An update for you all, I still have my 320i, after some unfortunate troubles, I took my e30 off the road and garaged it. Oil was escaping through a cracked block into a coolant well and was causing the entire cooling system to clog up and...
  15. Cam93

    S: 1988 320i E30 4dr Manual $3000

    Running, but cracked block, oil seeping into coolant, causes overheating after a few weeks. Genuine 15x7 BMW/BBS E30 mesh wheels, straight body no rust, metallic luxorbeige paint. Pics to come, $3,000.
  16. Cam93

    Ultra Box Hiroshima // Hirotaka Fujiwara's BMW 2002tii

    Somebody get me a tissue. http://www.stancenation.com/2015/06/22/ultra-box-hiroshima-hirotaka-fujiwaras-bmw-2002-tii/
  17. Cam93

    New Member... Estoril Blue E46 M3 Coupe

    E46 M3's are always welcome to the forum, very nice Jimmy, one of my top 10 favourites.
  18. Cam93

    Newbie alert

    There are plenty out there, but finding one that isn't over-priced and hasn't been butchered is difficult.
  19. Cam93

    Newbie alert

    Nice bro, what model E36 you thinking of?
  20. Cam93

    active members???????

    I keep an eye on things also, hit a bit of a rut with money and my E30 so I haven't had much to post about. But I have big plans, it's just a matter of putting them into motion at this point.