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Please Help Me Fix This Door, So Help Me Im Gonna Burn It !!!!

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  • Please Help Me Fix This Door, So Help Me Im Gonna Burn It !!!!

    Help Help Help, Im about to lose my S#!t. I have an 1998 E36 328i Convertible. The Passenger Door Had a grinding noise when i would try to wind up the window.

    Long Story
    So, having fixed a 7 Series Window before, knew all about this, No Problems Here, I can do this.
    So I carefully try to remove the door pannel. It comes apart in a dozen pieces, rubberand felt strip, plastic strip that goes on top of door, 4 pieces, Doorpockets fall off, half clips broken. What a shambles, Glue pockets and plastic strip back onto door pannel, order new clips, put rubber/felt aside. OMG
    So onto Ebay and ordered a regulator. Ok, this regulator comes without motor, Oh well, swap the motor. to the new regulator. Put it Back in, Near break my hands using old rivet gun on these huge rivets. Finaly get it back together after an hour of screaming and near breaking my hands, only to find, Same Problem.
    Damn, its the motor, look everywhere for a motor, $200 to $300 for a motor. Damn, then, look a gear from greece for $40usd. Ok, Order gear, wait a month, gear arrives, open motor, fit gear, slightly different size, Modify Gear, 5 hours later, gear fits. Attach motor to regulator, Put in with new Air powered rivet gun, hahaha, connect up, wind down windows, reset windows, hold key. All windows go up. Hooray. So far so good. Start the car, been sitting for over a month in pieces, (Driven 3 times since i purchased in december, after fixing the radio, don't get me started there.) Hit the roof button. Flip Flip Flip roof pops open, windows go down. All pretty.

    Short Story
    Now, Grab the newly restored door pannel, and try to fit. Rubber and felt strip onto door, Now door pannel must clip over rubber, then roll onto 5 metal clips at top of door. But Door pannel wont fit over rubber, put ruber on door, try to push pannel onto door, clips wont clip in, rubber wont go onto door, try to push it on, clips all break, get the s#!Ts and try to belt it all back on with rubber mallet, break another lot of clips, top clips still wont clip on, the stupid rubber/felt thing just falls poff all the time, Trying to hold it all together, screws wont go in properly, screws go sideways and won't come back out,

    So Door pannel half hanging on door, I can't damn well get it right. .... and to add insult to injury, Go to lock the car, Put the roof up, the windows all wind up, except for the god damned passenger window which halfway up starts it bloody grinding noise AGAIN.

    So to conclude, The tools all got thrown into the engine bay, the door got closed with a great boot. and Im beyong angry with it and am trying very very hard not to swear even here now in my typing.

    I don't know how anyone can help, perhaps someone can point me in the direction of a door putting back together tutorial, or a step by step guide with pictures, or the name of a good pannel beater after i drive my territory into the passenger door and try toget it fixed under insurance.

    Thanks In Advance

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    I feel your pain mate.
    I recently purchased an older Audi S3 (2009) that was worse for wear.

    Fine I thought, this can finally be the car I can use to 'learn' skills on, and not to worry if I break things, or they don't work.

    Front drivers door not locking properly, so order the part..

    That all went fine (with continious removal of knuckle skin).... But not the problem is that the door doesn't sit right. So I try and adjust.... many times....

    It's kind of ok now, but not perfect.. AND... the door panel won't stay 'connected' to the door. I must have broken clips somewhere, but I can't find them... So each time I open the door, the panel comes off a bit, then I have to 'bash' it... It happens every time!

    For your problem, where abouts are you located? Any half decent panel beater should be able to help, it's their bread and butter taking these things off and on again.
    McCreaths in Brookvale are good if you are in that area...

    Also some videos here..

    Removing the Door Panel of my E36 BMW 328is (Step 1 for window repair) - YouTube
    BMW E36 door panel removal - YouTube


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      Thanks for the Reply JNRDAVO, Im Up in Grafton, so not much around here. I called BMW Gold Coast, but at $253ph just to look at it, Im terrified. Never thought of just asking a panel beater. Might call in and see one in town on monday and see whats what. I have done door trims in dozens of cars, working for Ryda Car Radios in the 80s. But I'll be stuffed if i can get this right. And now the thought of drilling the regulator out again for the 3rd time, argh. This time i have ordered a steel replacement gear on ebay, I dare it to strip that, and a pack of 50 door panel plugs, giving me room to break a few more. As for the top strip..... Im stuffed. In those videos it seems to be left on the door somehow. but i can't see it. Guess I'll have a play around with it and see if I can get it.
      Oh the stress. At least I don;t want to burn it to the ground today.