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Who has a 2002? : My 1974 BMW 2002

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  • Who has a 2002? : My 1974 BMW 2002

    Hey everyone,
    I just bought myself a golf yellow BMW 2002 1974. The car needs a little bit of work, I'm planning on keeping it original and just working the engine. If anyone had any parts lying around just post the details here and ill get back to you. Just a few questions;
    How hard will it be to convert the rear drums to discs?
    My 2002 is automatic, should i convert it to manual, or keep it auto ? (I know for a fact a lot less Right hand drive autos were made)
    And who else in Sydney or even Australia has a 2002?

    Thanks everyone ! I will post some more pictures soon!


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    I hope you're still here. The car looks nice mate, we just got a new member a couple days ago who's doing a ground up resto of his son's '73 2002.

    As I said to him, these cars are getting rarer and personally, I would try and keep it as original as possible. Keeping the original paint in as best condition as possible and keeping as many original parts.

    I don't know much about 2002's, but if the RHD autos are as rare as you say, I definitely would not convert it to manual.

    The rear drums, I'd keep them drums, converting to discs is a big job, you need to change a lot of things. And besides, drums are perfectly fine, if you're worried about their performance, get them refurbished.

    Engine mods, I wouldn't go too crazy, just bolt-ons so that you can put the originals back in and keep its value.

    It looks like it's in very good condition already, do you know if it's been repainted at all in its life?


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      Hey mate still got the car, will be starting work on it soon, it seems as though it has been repainted before, but im planning on atleast respraying it in the original colour, if i have the time (and money aha) i would like to do a full resto, apart from that i agree with everything else you said; bolt ons, keep it auto, refurb the drums, etc

      Thanks mate