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    Hi all,

    I'm new to this forum and to bmw, but I have my mind quite firmly set on a e28. have been stalking a couple for a while now, but I have to get my license before I'm allowed to buy myself a car... but as i haven't had any experience with bmw i would like to ask you what you think of the e28 as my first car? I would like to go for a manual (more fun/easier fix/don't usually break?) and would probably avoid the 535 as it is bad on economy and a little over-powered for a first car (in my fathers opinion.. ) anyway would just like to ask what kind of experience have you had with your e28's and what are the running costs of one in Australia?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated,


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    Hey mate, sorry no one has replied, are you still interested in an E28?


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      Yes actually I am and haven't bought one yet... Thanks so much for the reply!! would you have any info that is specific to Australian cars (if there is any difference to euro or us cars) and would you have any experience with maintaining one in aus?


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        I don't have any experience with an E28 as such, but I've recently bought an E30 though, which are the same years as the E28's.

        For your first car, I strongly recommend getting a cheap run around just to learn how to drive in, and not getting a classic BMW. Unless you have plenty of money to work on it because stuff does and will go wrong on older cars. Plus, being a Euro, parts are generally more expensive and harder to find, I'm having trouble just trying to find new high beam bulbs for my E30.

        BMW's are really good cars though and will treat you well if you treat it well. If your still intent on an E28, and personally, I don't blame you, try and find one in really, really good condition, pay the extra money for it, otherwise it'll bite you in the arse later on. If you're worried about fuel and running costs, just get a 518i, only has a 1.8L 4cyl, and only about 20-30hp less than the 2.0L straight 6 in the E30 (my 2.0L 6cyl gets about 11-13 L/100km at 100km/h).

        In summary, E28's are a solid choice for a first car, but maintenance will be expensive. I recommend getting a cheap run around for your L's and at least a few months on your Ps, then get your BMW. Just a 518i at first, or if you can wait until you've got that experience from your P's, a 520i, 2.0L straight 6 if you want that little bit of extra power.

        Hope this helps


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          As Cam has said, all depends on how much money you can afford to fix things up..

          A couple of pointers for a first time driver though... Personally, I would want to make sure that the following are in top condition:

          1. Brakes
          2. Tyres
          3. Suspension

          All the other stuff is for making it go faster, or look better, or ensuring that it starts. If you have top condition 1,2 & 3 above, you should be relative safe...

          I know I sound like an old man (ok, so I'm 44), but there are a lot of idiots on the road, and I remember how I used to drive when I got my first license... My first car was a 4 cylinder commodore that cost me $4K... Yeah, a rip off, and it had no power, but I used to drive it like I stole it... And it cost me my license in the beginning, and through only luck, I managed to not have any accidents....

          Simple logic relates to how much fuel economy you get. Put your foot down hard, and you get less (a lot less!). The manufactures specs are very optimistic and I've never really seen a car that can get those ratings, even when new, unless it's straight freeway driving...

          Apart form that, the E28 is a good looking car, and probably a chick magnet!


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            I had a thought, maybe you should get just an E36 318i, learn to drive in that, there are HEAPS of them around so parts shouldn't be as bad as an E28 and you should be able to find one really cheap too. That way you can familiarise yourself with the engine and working with BMWs.


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              Yeah, e36's are pretty easy to find (most) parts for, although finding somewhere that stocks it will be a little harder as they would more than likely have to order it in. The manual ones are hard to find and expect to pay a bit more for a manual than an equivalent auto. I paid just short of $6000 for a '96 318i manual with all the good bits (sunroof, leather seats, etc) but an equivalent in an auto would probably set you back $4500-$5000 depending on condition. If you are confident, any older car is dead easy to work on yourself, especially the smaller engined ones simply from having so much space around them. Also, its harder to stuff something up yourself if there are less electrics...

              That said, I do occasionally wish i had got an e34 535i although then I look at my fuel economy and im easily getting under 10l/100km despite my best efforts :P
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                Originally posted by Blade695 View Post
                I look at my fuel economy and im easily getting under 10l/100km
                If only! I was cruising at just 90-95 and still getting 13l/100km I must look into getting it lower some time


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                  The E28 is an excellent car, but good ones will be very hard to find here - I've owned 5 in the UK in the past (2x525e, 535i, 528i & 525i) all were very low mileage, and still had occasional issues - The best bet for you would be a very good condition 525e from 1986 onwards - excellent engine, fuel efficient (relatively), updated braking system (the M30 engine cars had brake bombs, that fail), and as they were seem to be one of the boring models, they were bought by dads, who looked after them, lavished them with cash, and didn't thrash them.
                  The M20 2.7 litre engine has the updated fuel injection system, and is beautifully smooth, with enough grunt to keep you safe/happy.
                  Best of luck finding one.


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                    Thanks so much for your input. still have not bought a car as my sport if consuming all of my money that i save up. will let you know once i buy one!