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1973 bmw 2002

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  • 1973 bmw 2002

    Hey everyone,

    So I just bought myself a 73 2002 and just wanted some info if anyone knows anything.

    My idea is to go with very classic, original aesthetics but tune up the mechanics of the car so its as close as can be to modern underneath.

    I'd like to know what kind of engine can be dropped in, in place of the original one. I've done some research and found that someone put an e30 m3 s14 into one, so I was curious if all 3 series engines fit easily into it.

    I also read that a 5-speed overdrive gearbox from a 320i will physically bolt up to a 2002 engine (as in a 5-speed close ratio unit), but since the 5-speed is longer than the stock 4-speed, installation necessitates shortening and balancing the drive-shaft and moving the transmission mounts that are welded under the hump. It didn't mentioned attaching it to a 3 series engine (which I would like to drop in) but I'm only going to assume it would be much less of a hassle.

    So ATM it seems I'm looking for a 320i or better engine, and a 5 speed 320i gearbox. Im sure that the addition of these parts into a 2002 would require a lot of other modification to other parts of the vehicle so that they could keep up with the performance, so if anyone could recommend some other upgrades that might be necessary in regards to what I mentioned above that would be great.

    Also, if anyone could recommend some places in Sydney that I could go engine hunting that would be even more fantastic.

    Thanks guys

    P.S Pics soon!