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1988 525e e28 2.7l cold start problems

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  • 1988 525e e28 2.7l cold start problems

    hey guys i just need some help with my dads bmw. it has been running like crap for a while now. especially in the mornings. i had a look under the bonnet and i notice this valve that is circled in the picture i download is not connected electrically or doesnt have a vacuum line going to it. to my understanding it is a cold start valve for the seventh injector. the beamer on start up revs up and down from 600rpm to 1200rpm until warm then idles properly also it stalls out a lot when cold as well. would like some help and some pics would be good as well where the vac line should go, what ohms should the valve have and what kind of voltage should it get.
    bimmer cold start.jpg