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    Hi, looking at the 2006 120i M sport 5 door auto hatch - just wondering any issues with these, has 110k km on it, full set of keys and full svc history? do they have transmission issues? Not buying it thru a dealer - so no warranty - what are the big ticket items to look out for in the future?

    the ABS Sensors? Do these need timing chains done on it yet? thank you

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    My wife has a 2005 120i and haven't found anything to complain about.
    Run-flats are a bit annoying, however, you do get used to them.
    I enjoyed her car so much I purchased a 2010 120i sports pac, which I really love.
    110k is getting up there. Not sure when cam-chain is due. BTW, these petrol E87 are not subject to cam-chain breakages as reported by some engines.
    PS. I expect around the above milage.....I would pay particular attention to Water Pumpand Thermostat. Next check would be steering box oil leaks. Then Hoses & Belts.
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