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    So Iíve recently purchased a BMW 525i 2005 model. Photo attached. I really want to do this car up.
    Iím not car savvy myself! I need your opinions and help!

    Iím after turning it into a really nice and fast performance car.
    Iím wanting purchase parts and have it done up.
    I have no idea where to purchase the parts or where to start.

    I want a a badass look!

    Could you drop a line with your say? No negativity


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    Do you have a open cheque book??

    There is a old saying:

    You can have any two of the below, in any order:

    So, with that in mind, what are you after? If you want to make it fast, then chipping is the first step normally to go.

    Being a N/A 6 cyl, there is not much you can do to increase power without changing out the headers, or boring out the car, or fitting a supercharger or turbo!

    An exhaust will get you a bit more power, and let the car run a bit better. Same for a cold air intake, and finally, a 'chip' will get a 'bit' of extra performance based on the other mods.

    On the flip side, changing the suspension and brakes will mean you are 'faster' in the corners, compared to straight line speed. They can make a huge difference to how the car will handle.

    So, any ideas on what you are after with the above said?

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