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Thread: Help me decide - BMW E82 125i or BMW 220d/420d

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    Default Help me decide - BMW E82 125i or BMW 220d/420d

    So I've recently had a bit of a negative experience with my VW Golf 110TSI Highline and decided to get rid of it as soon as VW replaces the damned mechatronics unit and possibly the selector forks.
    I've wanted a BMW 1 series coupe ever since they launched and now that I am on the market for a fun car I could easily afford a low mileage late model e82 125i cash seeing as they are well below $20k. Having said that the 220d and 420d could easily be found for under $30k which I would need to take a roughly $10k loan for but I would get a much newer car with newer technology.
    So the decision is basically do I get an older car I have wanted for ages which I could service myself and potentially modify slightly or do I get a newer model which I would have to pay BMW to service?

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    ah, the age old issue... Do I hock up and get a loan for a more expensive car (and buy with my heart), or buy the cheaper car, no loan (and buy with my head).

    I'm sure most days you could say both approaches would be valid..

    So, what do you normally do? Buy with your heart of your head?

    Job security, interest rates etc are all decisions in this current market that should be taken in to account if you get a loan..

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    Well technically both options would be classified under "buying with the heart" seeing as buying a BMW in AU seems to be a bad decision if I listen to everyone else. Also, I've always loved the 1 series coupe and would love to get a 125i but I believ eit'll be super hard to find a well looked after example.
    The 2 series would probably be the safer choice as most would of been serviced by BMW and are a newer car so problems should be less?

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