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    My name is Markus and I recently picked up a hail damaged e60 520d which I'm looking to fix up.
    It unfortunately had no rear windscreen and was left outside so the boot and rear seat were flooded, killing the parking sensor module and the MULF2 High Basis SVS Bluetooth module that were sitting in the wheel well. So having to deal with that.
    The car seems to have been pretty decked out with:-
    1. M sports pack
    2. TV Tuner unit
    3. CIC system (not CCC)
    4. Navigation
    5. CD stacker
    6. Sunroom,
    7. Heated seats
    8. Heads up display
    9. maybe more I don't know of yet.
    Still a lot of work to do, but I'm hoping it will be nice to drive once done. Flashest car I've ever had .
    I'm also hoping to get my head around programming and updating the modules as I have an interest in those kinds of things.
    Look forward to working with you all.

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    Welcome Markus... I've always thought about picking up a hail damaged car (they seem great value), but then again, it might drive me mad with any imperfections!

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