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Thread: E46 330i Headunit, Bumper & Paint on Roof

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    Default E46 330i Headunit, Bumper & Paint on Roof

    Hi All,
    I recently bought an 02 330i M sport.

    It is generally in very good condition, drives very well and I'm loving it so far.

    However, there a few minor issues with it, which I would like advice on how to fix.

    Issue 1.
    The Novtron headunit that is in it is really buggy. It intermittently switches between the reverse camera and the radio. I don't want to keep the unit anyway as I want something with Android Auto, but I do like how it looks. What would you folks recommend to give the OEM look with modern convenience of Android Auto?

    Issue 2.
    The Front bumper is sagging on the passenger side of the car. There are no signs of a front end accident elsewhere, so I assume a clip has snapped going over a speed bump or similar? How would you guys fix this?

    Issue 3.
    There is a tiny spot in the paint on the roof where the clear coat is gone and exposed the paint underneath. It is very small so I am hoping this won't mean a full roof respray. It's also currently so small that it doesn't bother me so much, but I don't want it to get worse. What does everyone recommend to fix/make sure this doesn't get worse?

    Thanks in advance for your help and advice
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    welcome! If the paint is not rusting, then you can just clear coat it to protect it from the elements (and/or some touch up spray to match the car colour).

    Pop in to a panel beaters or independent to get them to check the bumper, they may not charge you much to just take a look and tell you what you need (just tell them you are looking to get the roof sprayed!)

    There are stacks of Android units on the market now for the E46, but it's a bit of hit and miss to what you get. If you want it to work well, without any 'strange' happenings, then you'll have to go with the 'real' company units, things like alpine units..

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