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Thread: 740i Glitches please help

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    Default 740i Glitches please help

    Hi i have had my 740i for 6 mths now and am still not able to connect to the bluetooth and yes i have the correct pin. i also have just had the srs system show a error with the airbag system to be more specific i ran a diagnostic and it said that the drivers seat belt pre tension was at fault so i got a replacement cost $835.00, fitted it cleared the error code and the warning light is still on the dash any one have any ideas

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    What are you using for the codes? I've had limited success with the 'cheaper' bluetooth ones.. You might need to pop in to an independent and see if they can scan the car with some of the more sophisticated and clear any DTC codes..

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    i got a icarsoft BMW V2.0
    Also a standard usb to obdII cable for the laptop and i used Mikes tools and BMWizard

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