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    Hi All

    I'm looking to purchase an M135i F20 having recently sold my MK7 Golf R (which was rubbish), however I'm not to familiar with BMW's so after any advise/opinions on the cars.

    What's good and what's not so good? What should I look for in terms of what goes wrong, I have a budget that I need to stick to which will see me get into something with around 50,000 kms. What I have seen is that the ZF trans is a wonderful thing and I fully agree given the 2 that I have so far driven. It feels just as quick as the DSG in the Golfs.

    Is the adaptive suspension a must have? Same as the Harmon Kardon, do I really need it?

    Any advice is much appreciated.

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    All good questions mate.. On things like the suspension and HK, what do you need/want the car for?

    Track days, or the opposite end, casual driving with comfort..

    Obviously a HK won't be any benefit on the track, but the adjustable suspension will benefit you for longer/peak hour traffic stints..

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