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Thread: 2007 320i shaking, revs up&down, petrol consumption max

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    Default 2007 320i shaking, revs up&down, petrol consumption max

    Hi guys

    320i 2007 msport
    175 000kms

    My 2007 BMW 320i msport auto has had this problem last few weeks. Now its getn worse.

    - when car warms up after 10mins of driving. It will konk out when you stop. But it'll start again reluctantly

    -seems to loose pick up power on take off. Like a delay. It never used too do this. Sluggish. Dangerous nearly been tboned by another car because of it.

    -there's a rattling/ticking noise on idle and light take off under the engine. But goes away as you get faster

    -revs taco goes up and down by themselves. Anywhere from 800-3000 rpm. The engine doesn't rev accordingly its just the rev taco going up and down when it feels. The engine noise stays the same. Sometimes revs get so low which makes the car stall when your at a stop.

    -my fuel consumption taco will go to max even when I'm slowing cruising or taking off. Its like I've just plated my foot and I'm drag racing someone. Its never done this.

    -there's no lights coming up on my speedo/taco saying faults.

    The car never used to do any of these. Worked like a charm.

    Any reccommendations? What some cheaper option to try before I put it in to my mech.

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    Ok, could be a few things, but I would start with:

    1. Boost Leak
    2. Coil Packs
    3. Fuel pump

    I would take it to an independent to get it scanned for errors first before changing anything...

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    Awesome. Its in today man. Cheers

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