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Thread: E90 330d SWIRL FLAPS

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    Default E90 330d SWIRL FLAPS

    Hi All

    newbie to the forum,
    Got a E90 330d (from new), 106K on the clock and the BMW dealer who ran his diagnostics over the car tells me that there are fault codes relating to swirl flap errors
    Tells me I need a new inlet manifold ($4400 !!!!)

    The symptoms are rough idle from cold (overnight), but is fine after a minute or less. Warm/hot starts are not an issue at all

    Google tells me this is a bit of a known issue with direct injection 330d with potentially catastrophic damage (broken bits into the engine- BAD!!!)
    and that they are not essential to good running

    ebay has many references to "swirl flap blanks"
    and overseas BMW forums talk about them reasonably extensively

    Could not find anything here though

    Anybody recommend someone (Melb Victoria) who is not so keen on replacing my entire inlet manifold ;-)


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    bummer, doesn't sound good. Yeah, sounds like you need at least a second opinion.... Give the guys at Faststuff a call, they are euro gurus, but not sure how good on BM's..

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