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Thread: Engine light on due to cam position fault

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    Default Engine light on due to cam position fault

    Hi all,

    So Iím posting this to try and help as many as I can. So with the cam in position while using the cam lock timing was set. Engine was rotated 1 full rotation and all lines match. Engine still lacking power and engine light displaying. Fault on exhaust cam. This is usually caused by the sensor kicking the bucket.

    If the sensor is changed and you have exhausted all means of finding out what the hell is going on as itís persisting I might have a solution.

    As my mechanic found out, the angle of the cam lock was incorrect with his Chinese bought lock.

    Hope this give people another avenue to investigate when all means have been exhausted and frustration has set it.

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    nice one, and thanks for the share.

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    No problem. Thanks to my mechanic Craig for realising.

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