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Thread: G31 Auto wiper not working correctly

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    Default G31 Auto wiper not working correctly

    Hi all,
    I have had my G31 for a few months now and noticed that my rain sensor is not sensitive at all, it doesn't wipe during mist or light rain and wipe very slowly during heavy rain.

    I went to the dealer a few times and they can't do anything because the sensor itself is not broken. Before you ask, It's a brand new car so the windscreen is not replaced.
    Is there any way to turn up the sensitivity? Or do something about it??
    I tired of having to manually turn on the wipers, it defeats the purpose of having AUTO WIPERS!

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    some interesting reading/watching here that might help..

    Also check out this download:

    You can adjust the sensitivity of the wipers also..

    Adjusting the rain sensor sensitivityTurn the thumbwheel to adjust the sensitivity ofthe rain sensor.Upward: high rain sensor sensitivity.Downward: low rains sensor sensitivity.

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