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    Hi all

    New to the site and have only owned BMW's for a year now but quite like. So much, that I now own 2 of them - both X3's. One is a quite nice one -2006 model 3.0d with only 70k on the clock and the more recent one I bought is a bit rougher but has a lot of upgrade factory features. It's a 2005 model 3.0d with 130K on the clock. Decided on the first one due to price and value for money after driving a lot of other AWD vehicles - they didn't even compare once I had driven this. Joined to see what ideas other people had on there vehicles and inspiration.

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    Welcome MonteB.

    So do you use both or the X3's, or are you looking to sell one of them?

    Both nice cars. Second hand market is a buyers market, so hopefully you picked them up for a bargain.

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