Hey Guys,

Do you want to work on your car and want to make the job done easy and right? For too long have we, car lovers, have been working on the street or at the front yard with nosey neighbours and dirty looks. However NOW doing DIYS on the street or in your driveway is a thing of the past. Jacks or ramps can only give you a small amount of clearance. Jobs that would take 1 hour often end up taking 4.

Self Serve Automotive allows people to hire a car hoist; we aim to facilitate this movement by providing car hoist for hire, Modify/ Repair/ service your car, we provide workbench, tools and space all available on demand. Car hoists significantly decrease stress when working on your car. As such Self Serve Automotive has made it out our mission to provide car hoists as well as other facilities. Doing it on the street with just a jack will only get you so far, with minimal clearance and longer prep time, coming down to Self Serve Automotive will half that time and add little costs on top of your DIY. Located in Dandenong.

SSA has all your automotive needs, tools and specialist equipment all ready to go, for when you want to go ahead with all your servicing, repair and modification needs, to your vehicle, you no longer have to waste 30 minutes trying to jack up the whole car.
SSA Allows you to hire a hoist; this comes with a workbench and tools. Do all your DIY’s at a fraction of the cost. With 100% quality and safety assurance, we know that you would save a ton of money in the process. Look at our well-priced packages and book now.