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    I have an issue with the clear coat peeling off and was wondering if there are other Australian paints available to replace it with? Got one quote of $2500 just to respray the bonnet, or would I be better off doing a full respray?


    The boot is pretty much in the same.

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    I had to have my bonnet resprayed a couple of years ago for similar reasons.
    Shop around, and if your bonnet is going bad, your roof and boot won't be far behind. A complete respray is a lot of work, but worth it.

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    Is it the original paint, or has it been resprayed before? I had peeling once my bonnet had been done a few times, so ended up getting a new bonnet and then spraying (was cheaper than stripping the old one all the way back again)

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    Yeah the whole car is still in original paint, have been looking at a darker gray colour I have seen on a local E34 M5, even the wife likes it, 2 pack can be done at a reasonable price so might go that route, thanks for the replies.


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