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    I sometime ask people in the service stations when I see them looking at "Big Red" How much do you think it is worth...? 15 or 20 grand or more they say, I don't really know what sports cars are worth, they say, tho I do know that I would never drive a car that color with those rims.*


    Then I might say, this car is actually worth a considerable amount.... if you consider that they don't make them new anymore - you can't simply order one of these from the factory no more and this one is a 9/1999 build and thus it was made in the 1900's, the century that cars were invented. It cannot be valued compared to the things they make this century, the things that look like a cross between a running shoe and a disposable camera, consider that it has the same transmission that they put into Rolls Royces in 1999 and into the Big Banger Audis, consider that instead of all that Rolls Royce V8 torque and/or the high revving Audi turbo extravagance, you have what has been considered one of the, if not the, most technically excellent inline six cylinder engines made in the 1900's, an engine you can find in boats, aeroplanes and in submarines (if u know where to look) smoothly feeding a sublime balance of torque and horsepower, consider that the fully independent suspension ensure its unsprung weight ratio and its front and rear weight bias are all in balance with each other and know that when it all comes together in a symphony of motion, it can devour the corners and eat up the straights with smooth bites and majestic swallows and consider finally, that each of the all electric leather seats is worth more than the average 1999 four door sedan is today, and finally I say (if I have any breath left,) that when one is on cruise control, steering it safely down the road at 98 kph, a speed at which it returns astoundingly good economy, the smell of aging leather is so much classier than that of moulding plastic and/or gold coins in the bank. I say driving a classic sports coupe is not about the money you might be able to make out of it, its about the smiles per gallon.

    *If the conversation is only a short one about the rims, I tell them they are called Gangsters,
    I say, I dunno their proper name because didn't buy them, I stole them off a holden. ;O)--~

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    I do like red on an E39
    Very nice looking ride!

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    Build month/year 07/1999
    Compliance plate month/year 09/99
    Make BMW
    Model 3
    Variant 23Ci
    Series E46
    Body 2D COUPE
    Engine Size 2.5L
    Sex Appeal??? More than a Blue Meanie And More than a Mustang
    IMG_20180130_155753.jpg IMG_20180206_164200.jpg
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    Lol. Autocorrect turned E46 to E39 lol
    You can tell what I drive lol

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