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Thread: BMW 120i gearbox "resets" on gearchanges and kick-downs

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    Exclamation BMW 120i gearbox "resets" on gearchanges and kick-downs


    My daughter has the BMW 2009 120i Auto Hatchback and about 4 weeks ago suffered what seemed like a disastrous failure of the gearbox. Whenever the gearbox failed, the current-gear on the display would go blank and then come back on again. When kicking down the accelerator, the engine/gearbox would stop responding for a split second then come back online to continue the run. It seemed like the gearbox was losing power for a slight period of time then coming back online.

    The first person she took the car to was a BMW "expert". They checked everything and after 3 weeks got back to my daughter to tell her she needed a new gearbox. I took it to Manuels Automatics in Thomastown VIC, and they had it for a few days and inititally were not able to find the problem, however they were very certain it was electrical. They contacted the gearbox manufacturer who said they had never seen this exact problem before, however as the gearbox is also used on Ford Territories, they had seen something similar and advised to change the coil packs!

    So Manuels' team changed the coil packs on the engine and it fixed the problem! It seems that one of the coil packs was breaking down and forcing the power rail down slightly, but enough to force the gearbox computer to switch off.

    My daughter is very happy now and has her car back and is enjoying the car again.
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    yeah, amazing what you can 'fix' in a car that would not conventionally fix problems like this. So much is reliant on electrical, it's hard to diagnose now..

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