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Thread: 2006 X5 3.0 grumbling engine and engine light

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    Default 2006 X5 3.0 grumbling engine and engine light

    My engine light came on. I took to Mechanic and it said piston fire and exhaust.

    He assumed low octane fuel was the cause. Put bmw injector cleaner in and reset the light.
    Light came back on. Hes recommended to go through a whole tank of 98 octane before returning.

    When car idling (and especially when first started) the engine grumbles and doesn't sound consistent. Performs great on open road.

    Has anyone experienced this? If so, what was the cause and fix (and cost ). Or does anyone know common cause and fix?

    Any videos or other forums with DIY?

    Thanks heaps for your help!

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    probably best to get the car to an independant and get it scanned for errors... here is a lot of guessing that can be done, but a good scanner should show up most faults..

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