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Thread: Toll tags (Australia)

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    Default Toll tags (Australia)

    Usually in Oz we pay road/ expressway tolls via a electronic device that is fitted to our windscreen and extracts from our account the required toll.
    What I wanted to talk about is the method of removing these glued on devices from windscreen.
    When we originally attach these tags we are generally meticulous in making sure the glass is clean and we have a perfectly clean surface... We really don't want them falling off!
    There come a time when we have to remove them. This time was now in NSW where a new smaller mount is supplied for anyone with a malfunctioning unit.

    The local state RTA/ RMT office which distributes these tags advised ~ briefly to use a scrapper and use Eucalyptus oil to dissolve the glue.
    The trouble is the oil dissolves the glue, a little, and turns it into a glue solution..... Be careful it doesn't fall on your dash.

    After an hour I gave up!... The glue was so strong that I thought I could break the screen if I prised too much!
    I left this situation and looked for a new idea to remove tag.
    I found by sharpening an ordinary paint scrapper (about 25mm wide) and applying some WD40 the task became a 5min job!

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    Acetone is always worth a try on modern adhesives.

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    I had to pull one off a car last week we were trading in. It was a etol... just 'pulled' it off slowly... more like a sticky rubber than glue... came off quite easily, but I did snap the tag holder in the process!
    Quick online order and a couple should be arriving this week.

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