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Thread: Another 335i vs E46 M3 post, but with a twist

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    Default Another 335i vs E46 M3 post, but with a twist

    Hey guys,

    I cant decide between a M3 e46 2003-2004 or a 335i 2007-2008 model(non Msport)
    They are both at a similar price range in Australia, and so far its been a tough decision to make.

    with the M3, its a raw car, feels special in a way, love the Rasp exhaust note that's gonna turn heads, love the paddle shifting. But I guess its getting fairly old now, and not as comfy as a 335i.

    335i is comfy, newer car, newer technology, still quick, I guess with an Eisenmann race exhaust I could still turn heads.

    I need this car to be a daily driver to work and back, and I do a lot of smaller trips, not many large trips, but I wouldn't mind having the quickness for a hill run or something when I get the chance. dont do heavy modding at all, just cosmetics mainly, and an exhaust for sound, but looks and comfort are my main priorities.

    I have some questions:

    1. Since i wont be getting the M sport 335i, can I get the chrome strips painted black like the M sport? that's the only thing I hate about the car.

    2. Also the steptronic, does it sound like manual from the outside? as long as it sounds like a manual I will be happy with it, because I just hate the automatic sound, but I prefer the automatic setup for a daily driver ( what got my interest in the M3).

    3. I will be picking up alot of girls for dates (dont laugh im serious) and would you prefer to pick up a girl in a 335i or e46 m3? im thinking the 335i will be the smoother ride when picking up a girl ? i could be wrong?

    Thanks guys for your input in advance.

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    For what you're looking for, I think the 335i would be the better option for comfort and looking fancy for picking up chicks. However, personally, I'd rather have the M3 because I'd get more enjoyment out of it.

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    Go with the M3.

    An M3 is a M3 is a M3.

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    Revive from the dead to see what this ladykiller ended up with and if the chix loved it or not..

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