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Brakes service and replacement workshops in Sydney


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  • Brakes service and replacement workshops in Sydney

    I need to get the brakes discs and pads (front and rear) replaced on my BMW. I got a quote when I got my car serviced the last time and it was around $2500 for that which was using OEM parts. I was thinking of purchasing non-OEM discs and pads, specifically these discs:
    - (front)
    - (rear)

    These discs are fairly cheap (compared to the OEM ones) and the look good. But I am not sure about the performance. The place where I got my car serviced said that they do not use non OEM brakes because in the past they have had issues where the brakes warped within a year (not these ones but some other brand).

    Does anyone know how they perform or has anyone used these disc brakes before?

    I was also looking for recommendations for mechanics local to the St Ives (NSW) area where I could get them done?
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    Hi mate,
    Give the guys at EuropeanAutotech a call at Mona Vale, or pop in. They will give you the right information, I've trusted them with my cars for over 10 years now.


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      Thank jnrdavo. I will give them a call to find out if they will do it. I guess nor many people have used these brake discs as they seem to be fairly new to the market. Do you normally use OEM brakes or if not then may I ask what brand do you use on your car?


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        I've got upgraded brakes, have for many years on both cars.. I'm using stoptech with 6 pot callipers...

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