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E36 320i exhaust upgrade

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  • E36 320i exhaust upgrade

    just purchased a e36 320i with factory exhaust and looking for better flow and sound. Any suggestions.
    Thanks for any comments.

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    I'd like to get a SuperSprint Exhaust for my E30, but I'm not sure they make the full exhaust for it, and I don't know of any dealers in Aus, so I'd have to get it imported from Italy. But I absolutely LOVE the sound of the SuperSprints. Otherwise Eisenmann is a popular choice with a nice sound, I do know there are Eisenmann dealers in Aus. Both of those will possibly cost a fair bit though. There's my opinion


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      I've seen full systems out of the US but not sure if they would be the same? Maybe worth looking at M 3 style extractors and then building a custom system off them?


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        Yeah, that might be a good idea. If you do, let me know how it goes, I might end up doing that myself.


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          Been doing a lot of looking around it from what
          I can see, the headers/extractors on a factory M3 would fit the M50 in the 320i. Can anyone confirm this?


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            What engine is in your 320i? The M50 or M52? If it's the M50, then the extractors off an Australian M3 will fit, the S50 engine, because they're both M50 engines. "The S50 engine is a higher performance version of the M50 engine." Better internals etc.