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Z3 1.9 Exhaust Rear Muffler


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  • Z3 1.9 Exhaust Rear Muffler

    Removed the existing rear muffler and replaced it with a 'chambered' muffler from Midas. This was quite cheap, and I had done this before on a previous car, but the effect it has had is mixed. Previously I had put a straight through design, and this seem's to not have such an issue with the dreaded 'boom' that occurs at 2300-2700 rpm. The new muffler basically is a chambered design, gas flows into the muffler and approx half way hits a 90 chamber and then before the end of that chamber turns 90 and exits. Sounds great at tickover-2300rpm and great after 2700rpm but 'booms'.
    This was a purchase for sound only as the exisiting muffler was obviosly designed for quietness. ( It also weighed the same as a small elephant!) Will suffice but will have to investigate other options including visiting CarLine and looking there.
    Total cost inc labour was $250