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2006 E60 Idrive Freezing Issues


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  • 2006 E60 Idrive Freezing Issues


    I have a 2006 BMW E60. I have the CCC in it. It is creating issues. Some of the symptoms are idrive freezing, sound dropping out, idrive controller spinning freely. Additionally, when I go to the bluetooth screen(when idrive is working) I can't seem to check/select the box in the bluetooth menu. I have checked the fibre optics in the modules and it seems the red light is flashing on all of them. I did go to a workshop to get it diagnosed and they mentioned issued with "Head Unit(Fibre Optics)" . They advised to replace head unit at a cost of AUD$1400 approx.

    Now that workshop was the first time I went there and cannot tell for sure if that is what I need to do. Therefore, would like any advise/2nd opinion on what the issues might be.

    FYI, as far as I checked the modules in the car trunk are: Amp, MULF(Bluetooh module, Visteon) and the TV tuner. In the front I have the CD changer in the Glove box. On the centre dashboard I have the CCC, CID, DVD and CD.

    Can you please kindly help.


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    I wonder if it could be battery related. How old is it?

    Might be best to get it properly scanned by another shop and see what they say.