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e93 N53 import in Australia

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  • e93 N53 import in Australia

    hi forum,

    I'm looking to get my first BMW and have a very quick question. I am searching for an E93 and noticed only 335i and 325i are available in petrol versions. I have found an e93 but in 330i form. From my research the 330i wasn't shipped to Australia due to sulphur in the petrol here? Anyone had experience with owning an N53 engined import in oz? around the 2008 year. Any concerns I should have?


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    A lower priority followup question. Is it possible to get aftermarket warranty for a 2008?


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      Not too such on the engine question, but on aftermarket warranty, the devil is all in the fine print. I'm also not sure if the car doesn't currently have extended warranty if you could actually get one for that old.
      They would need exceptional documentation to see the service history, and even then, what they could offer you in regards to payouts for faults would have to low due to the cars age.

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