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  • jnrdavo
    Welcome Barry.

    Can't help you on the catch can unfortunately, I've never installed one, but have had mates that have done so (more on cars modified for the track).

    I have always 'chipped' and sometimes done more on cars however, not for towing ability, but for more power and better fuel economy ()... It's always a gamble. I've had two engine rebuilds in both cars I've chipped. Not sure if that's just unlucky, or just the nature of the beast, or just how I drive?

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  • BarryandSandra1959
    started a topic New to BMW brand and to forums

    New to BMW brand and to forums

    Good evening everyone,
    I am retired and have just purchased my first Beemer..2017 X5 sdrive 25d with only 18k on the clock. Primary use will be as a tow vehicle for my european caravan 1.8ton and nominal local driving.
    I have owned several diesel suvs before of various brands and in most cases have added very early in their milleage, a catch can and a secondary fuel filter as prevention to fouling intake manifolds or the fuel pumps. I have been doing research on my vehicle and it appears to have a built in oil separator, as BMW calls them. Can anyone please confirm if this is actually true and also their opinions on the benefits if any of adding an additional catch can. A secondary fuel filter in my opinion is a must. I am also considering an ecu tune to boost the torque and to electronically shut down the EGR.. Your comments will be received with appreciation.
    Regards Barry Spencer