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E84 FRM issue.


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  • E84 FRM issue.

    G'day all.
    The minister for war and finance has a 2011 X1 E84 sDrive that appears to have simply decided that it no longer wants to communicate with the FRM without any apparent warning. Car locked last night and this morning (after a headlamp was replaced) it decided it no longer wanted to lock the car or operate the windows or a metric f-ton of different things this module controls.
    My scantool revealed codes A3B4 and A3C1 respectively.

    Any help greatly appreciated as to how to proceed.
    For reference I'm located on the border region of Vic/NSW.

    Cheers guys

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    I'm guessing that you've tried the disconnect battery and connect?

    You most likely need to get the codes cleared after the component swapping to clear the errors...

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