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Are These Turbos any good???


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  • Are These Turbos any good???

    hello to everyoneI have a 2007 BMW E92 N54 335i coupe based on youtube, FAQ searches and looking at forums im pretty sure the twin turbos have gone in my car i have decided that if they have or not i am going to replace them anyway,
    ive done a fair bit of window shopping and found what could be the best bang for my bucks but ive come across one or two snags I dont know much about cars. though i am learning every day and i know even less about turbos.
    THE snags are A: I dont know if this is a good buy or not B:i know very little about turbos SO I NEED AN EDUCATION if someone has the time to explain what to look out for what to avoid that would br great
    In the meantime this product has option to change the turbine wheel blades from 9 to 12 what is the better option and why? i also read that the fins can make a difference and that should focus on this rather than number of blades. tbh i do not know where the "fins are"
    there has also been been discussions about the configuration TD04HL and why different markings denote better or worse. but i dont know why or what the codes mean

    Any assistance or advice would be very much appreciated and if anyone has better product options please let me know ,,, my budget for this project is 3k


    Arashi N54 335i Twin Turbo TD04HL-19T
    ● BMW 335i / 335xi (E90/E91/E92/E93) N54 3.0L Turbo, 2007 - 2010
    ● BMW 335is (E92/E93) N54 3.0L Turbo, 2011 - 2013

    Compressor Wheel:
    ● 46 / 58mm (6+6 Blades Billet 19T)

    Turbine Wheel:
    ● 45.6 / 50mm (9 Blades TD04HL) We also offer 12 blades. Please let us know if you need to change

    Turbine Housing:
    ● 6cm^2 / 0.41 AR

    ● Journal Bearing
    ● 1 x N54 twin turbo with manifold
    ● 1 x Oil feed line & return line kit

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    Hi and welcome!

    Ok, so lots of things to think about with 'upgrading' turbos. The first one is reliability, because in some circumstances, if they fail/go, then the can damage the engine badly.

    Secondly, it most circumstances, you'll need to get your car 'tuned/chipped' for the new turbos. In very few instances can you just plug in 'bigger/better' turbos and just use the same software and get any benefits.

    If you are going bigger, then for some circumstances, you'll need bigger injectors (so you can get more petrol in to the engine) and sometimes a new Intercooler, as you want to keep the engine/air at a lower rate, due to higher temps with a 'faster/bigger' turbo. (bigger/faster spinning means it generates more heat).

    With all that said, I would recommend finding a place that can look after you, unless you are looking to do this yourself (not recommended). Where abouts are you located? If in Sydney, you can give the guys at bromspec a call or underground performance and see what they do for your car? It might be your turbos can just be serviced/rebuilt, and then you can just get the car 'chipped', which will in most circumstances give you a lot more power (they increase the air/petrol/boost)...

    To specifically answer some other questions, here is some good reading (when you are bored) to help:

    Turbocharger Fundamentals (
    Turbo Tech: The Difference An A/R Makes Going From .83 To 1.01 With A GTX3076R Gen II Turbo - Garrett Motion
    What is High Flowing a Turbocharger? (


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      Thank you so much. I was never going to try this myself. I was hoping to get the turbos myself and try to keep the costs down, just have them fitted, What do you think of the Turbos im considering, Thanks for the reading material, I am in Brisbane


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        I've never hear of them to be honest, but that doesn't mean much

        Give the guys at Prestige and Performance and see if they can do anything for you, a good bunch of guys... If you are not after massive power gains (and the associated headaches), then it is probably best to just get yours repaired and a chip, and that will give you a decent enough boost over the stock, at the cheapest and safest levels.


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          cool thanks for all your help i owe you a drink