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e90 320i cat delete


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  • e90 320i cat delete

    e90 320i cat delete,
    My 2006 e90 has I think a n46b20 engine? Anyway valve stems have gone and I think have also clogged the cats and the o2 sensors according the the guy i got it from. I've already gone ahead and remove the exhaust manifold (HARD job with engine in still) and am curios about the cat delete. I've read the manifold from the E46 version of this engines exhaust manifold fit with no cats as standard. Does this actually work? has anyone tried it?
    Thanks in advance for anyone kind enough to drop dome info. I'm finding it hard to find any. If this has already been covered my apologies I just couldn't find the post myself, yet................

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    I'm no exhaust expert, but if you remove the cats, there will be a 'gap' to the exhaust that won't just 'reach' the manifold surely without some kind of 'pipe' in-between the two..

    You'll probably need a tune as well so your ECU knows about the changes (ie, the exhaust gases will be different pre and post cat)..