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weird stuff happening with my X3


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  • weird stuff happening with my X3 indicators dont work on dash but work on outside of car, sometimes windows wont work..only symbol on dash is for air bags...sometime wipers dont work, interior light comes on, headlights flash when turning key on...and most of all the battery goes dead in a day or so..had the battery check and its good. sometimes everything is good than all of a sudden the airbag light comes on again and nothing works....what the hell is happening? any ideas or is this a common thing, thanx in advance for any help

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    How old is the car? I'm assuming well out of warranty?
    If you purchased it second hand, it could be a car that has had some water damage at some point which can drive the electrics crazy..
    If the battery goes dead after a short period, it's either a battery on its last legs, or you alternator is not working correctly to charge it back up... OR, you could have had a after market electrical item installed (alarm, stereo etc) that is draining it..


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      its an old girl..2008. had a new stereo put in it some time ago as at the time i was told that the old one was causing battery to drain as i was having dramas with that 12 months or so ago. i was told it was the old GPS system that was draining the battery. is there a separate computer that runs all this stuff? maybe a bad connection as its intermitent ? thanx for your help


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        I'm not exactly sure on that year (what is the model number?) , but many had a 'screen' and the nav unit was separate, sometimes in the dash, or under one of the front seats.
        If it was faulty and hasn't been removed, then yes, it could be draining the battery and causing errors.
        One thing you go do is go to an independent (where are you located?) and get them to 'scan' the car for errors..