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    Hello I'm new to the site I have a problem in the rear of my e39 I have a loud bang noise that happens when I go over a bump or dip at over 60 kilometres an hour. I have replaced the bushes in my shocks but the bang still continues I've noticed the ball joints in the control arms are not very happy and I'm about to replace them to. Just in case if that noise does continue is there anything else I should be looking out for?
    Thanks for the help Adam.
    PS I tried to attach a couple of photos but for some reason I could not upload them?

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    Hi Adam, welcome to the site!

    Just drop me a screen shot of the problem you had with attaching the pictures and I'll see if I can fix it (I've just upgraded the site, so may have messed something up). Send the screen shot to

    I'm assuming you have checked your springs to make sure they are ok, and the shocks are also ok (not leaking)?

    I'm also guessing that you can't hear the noise when you 'push down' on the car (ie, trying to 'engage' the springs)?

    What's the bump stops look like, have they perished?


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      Hi I figured out what the problem was it was my exhaust pipe hitting my subframe. The rubber bush underneath has snapped off my exhaust


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        Good find and cheap fix hopefully!

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