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Wheel repairs - Brisbane


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  • Wheel repairs - Brisbane

    A couple of guys have used this company with great results, including mysef.

    I have just had my 4 Audi RS4 original wheels fixed and painted. They have fantastic service, we spoke about the colour I wanted and could have picked a range, or the orignal.

    When the work was underway, they rang me and advised that I had 4 (yes, four!) coats of paint on there already and that they would have to send them off to a commercial place to get done!

    When they came back they were fantastic! I've had them done before and the paint would peel off after a few months, know I know why (the old stuff was never removed!).


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    Do you have another link to their website or a company name? Link has 404'd.


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      I found their website, asked for a quote, how much did they charge you?


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        updated my first post mate with updated web address.

        From memory, not cheap, but a top job. I had about 4 coats of paint on there (repaired over the years), so they sent them externally to get them sand blasted, then they took them back and repainted them..

        100% perfect when they came back. They can also recolour...


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          How old is the paint on the them now, any signs of the paint fading, chipping, ageing etc?


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            I'm in Sydney today,and will check when I get back. From memory, they've held up well. Ed a few years ago when they were done..

            I'd definitely use them again (actually looking at getting one off then done soon...)

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