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02 restoration in Brisbane

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  • 02 restoration in Brisbane

    I'm new to this forum and I have joined it in the hope of getting opinions and advice from time to time with a restoration project I am about to start on. I have a 1973 2002 (well actually my son does but I'm tackling most of the project - albeit at somewhat at an arms length because I lack the expertise and facilities to actually perform many of the tasks myself), and I have been searching for a business somewhere in the Brisbane region that can take on restorations of 2002's.

    Does anyone have any leads?

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    Don't be scared to have a go yourself. You'll learn surprisingly quickly and we'll be here to give you advice if you need it. I'm currently rebuilding the engine in my 1988 320i E30. You'll also save a lot of money doing most of the work yourself, rather than paying someone else to do it for you. Just don't forget, if you're playing around with electrics to disconnect the negative cable on the battery haha.
    I can't help with recommending places, but what type of restorations are you planning on doing to it? Getting the engine to run? Fixing the interior? New paintjob?
    Interested to know and good luck with it!


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      Welcome Crowie...

      I'd love to have the time to do a resto, and what a great model to work on (2002)...

      The only parts I'd really want a professional to work on would be the suspension and brakes (and associated parts).... I don't care if my engine would loose power, blow smoke etc cause I stuffed something up, but I would hate it if the brakes/suspension failed due to me not knowing what I am doing :-)


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        Thanks Cameron. I plan on a bare metal paint job (and repair whatever rust that process finds). Detail motor after it has some renovations. Re-upholster front and back. New carpets etc. Quite a bit of re-wiring to bring it up to scratch. Suspension, steering bushes - I could go on...Yes I know this will cost a fair bit but we love the car and it deserves a total new lease on life.

        Keep you posted.


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          Ground up restoration, that will be awesome to see. I really hope you post your progress on here for us to follow!

          Does it still have its original paint? If it does, I would seriously consider NOT repainting it as it will devalue it. Unless it's really bad and you have no choice. Take it to some high end detailing shops, ask them what they think of the condition of the paint and what you can do to keep it in the best condition possible, and mention your concerns about rust as well. They can also help with the motor detailing and should even be able to help with the interior too.

          When looking for detailing shops, have a look at the cars parked in the car park. You want to go to the ones with the expensive looking and old cars parked there. It may be more expensive, but think of it as an investment, you're guaranteeing the value of your car won't deteriorate.

          Re-wiring can be a b**** of a job, easy enough to do, but make sure you take lots of pictures to make sure you put everything back in the right place, and look at the condition of all the hoses too while you're at it and replace any that look old and are cracking and flaking.

          Suspension, yeah like Davo said, take it to a professional. No reason why you couldn't take it to your regular mechanic, but I personally would take it to a specialist suspension place, they'll be able to provide the most in-depth reports and give you the best help. While on suspension, if you are keeping it original, it wouldn't hurt to upgrade the suspension a bit, but I would keep the original parts in a safe place if you do decide to sell at any point. I presume it has drums on it, I would get them refurbished though instead of upgrading to discs, yeah, you'll have better braking with discs, but drums really aren't that bad.

          Do you have any friends/family that are mechanics? Have them help you take the engine apart, see what condition it's in inside. Of a car that age, at the very least, I'd replace rings and bearings and gaskets, unless the motor has been rebuilt at some point in its life. If you really want to go all out and have the money to do so, while the engine is out, take the gearbox and rear diff out and have them inspected. But that can start to get expensive, especially if yo have to get someone else to take them out for you. Otherwise, I personally wouldn't worry about it.

          I don't think I've forgotten anything haha. Good luck with it all!


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            All your points/suggestions are readily accepted and most I have anticipated. Paint unfortunately will have to be done. I intend to keep the car as original as possible as a finished project. Yes, I will post some progress when I make some!