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  • M440 Spare Tyre

    Hi Everyone, new to this forum, but long time member of a sister forum (the one with 4 rings ).

    Asking this for a friend... (seriously!)

    My friend's mum has a 2021 M440i. She's a long time BMW owner but not an enthusiast. Just the other day she copped a flat and rang roadside service. "Do you have a spare tyre?" "Assume so, it's brand new." They could tell her all sort of things bout the car such as amount of fuel and lock status of the doors, but not whether the car was kitted with a spare tyre!

    Turns out she didn't have a spare tyre and the car had to be towed away. All could have been avoided if it just had a spare, or a even a puncture can.

    So the $64M question is, does the 2021 M440i have the space for a spare wheel (full size or space-saver)? What spare tyre options are there for her?

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    Hey mate, I knew I knew that name!

    I can't answer directly, but I think all manufacturers have to provide 'something' so that you can get out of trouble without relying on being towed away.

    It must be a spare, or 'fixing' equipment/glue etc...


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      I thought that should be the case. It wasn't NRMA, it was BMW's own premium roadside service so I thought they would send their van out and put on a temp. wheel (it's premium assist?) or at least be able to direct her to the puncture can if that's their minimum equipment. They subcontracted the roadside service to NRMA so when the NRMA guy came, there was nothing he could do except to call for a tow and let BMW sort it out with my friend's mum. And this wasn't even in the country. It was in the middle of the city in Sydney.