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E46 M3 Import from UK - Australia license plate mounts question


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  • E46 M3 Import from UK - Australia license plate mounts question

    Hi folks, I have moved from the UK to Victoria and brought my M3 with me! It's just going through compliance at the moment so hopefully will be on the road in a few weeks.

    I'm now wondering what the best way to mount my new license plates is... I've gone with regular size for the back and a slimline one for the front. The car currently has a UK sized mounting bracket on the front bumper which you can see in the first picture behind the plate. I could just remove the UK plate from the front mount and stick the Aus plate on but there'd be a gap around the outside so I'd like to avoid this.

    I've seen some mods online where people have removed this from the front and then attached the plate to a small right-angled metal bracket screwed in to the existing holes in the bumper. I like this option as it wouldn't involve drilling any new holes in the bumper or having to spray and match the paint on a new Aus sized mount plate, plus it looks pretty good done like that. There is a small chance the bumper behind the mount may not match the rest of it, but it was a new bumper resprayed about 5 years ago so chances of this are fairly minimal. So first question is does anyone know if these (presumably custom made) brackets are available anywhere online to purchase?

    For the back as it's not so curved I'm wondering if I can use heavy duty double sided tape instead of faffing about with screws etc, but wasn't sure if that was permitted? Any other ideas that I haven't thought of?

    Thanks in advance!


    Below are some photos of the number plate mod discussed in the thread (not my car or photos, attribution can be found here:


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    Welcome, awesome car mate!

    Another thought might be to just get a normal sized front plate to 'fill the gaps' a bit better.

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