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120I Newbie needs power steering help :-(

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  • 120I Newbie needs power steering help :-(

    hey fellow BMW family!

    Im from South Australia. I recently purchased a BMW 120i YOM 2006. There was 136,000kms on the clock. And this is my 1st BMW

    1st few months I thought the steering is stiff as I was always a Honda guy and I thought "this is a BMW thing"

    I then checked power steering fluid - it was empty and i topped it. But still the steering is a bit stiff.

    How would I know if its a power steering pump fail?

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    normally you can work out if the pump has failed when trying to park. You would almost not be able to turn the wheel (like the good old days!).

    I would also take it to an independent to get it scanned for errors (and see if anything else is wrong). Where abouts in SA are you?

    Some other readings;