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Anniversary Badge on front passenger visor

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Hi all, I have a 1992 e34 535i. I fell for it when it came into our workshop on the back of a tow truck. The driver knew we already owned an e34 BMW and gave us the option to keep this one for parts, else heíd take it to be crushed. We took it.

As I began the job of stripping it, the first thing I noticed was this anniversary badge which reads 75 years Germany, 25 years Australia and is numbered; no, 72. Itís a metal rectangle badge and is approximately 5cm x 7 cm. Of course, being the nostalgia buff I am I couldnít resist and told my husband that I wanted to keep the car. He wasnít that keen; half the engine was in the boot and the thing had hail damage which was so perfectly spread over the car that it looked as if it was meant to be there, and to top it off, the paint was terribly faded.

On the strength of the badge however and his love for the BMW, he agreed that if he put the engine back together and it ran, we could start a restoration on it. And so it began.

The engine went back together. Every nut and bolt was present. I kicked it over first go and it was then we noticed cream in the radiator. While heís a mechanic, he wasnít experienced with the very different BMW engine, and initially thought this was the end of this project before it began. But, after a conversation with the radiator shop he discovered it was not. I bought him a repair manual and he educated himself. Still a work in progress.

The radiator was cleaned out and put back in. The body work was done and she was resprayed in the original colour; Calypso Rot. We were forced to re-cover the front seats in new leather, but attempted a salvage of the backseat leather. Unfortunately that didnít last and itíll need to be recovered in time, too. It was registered in 2015 and my husband handed me the keys on Valentineís Day. So romantic.

Sheís been running like a dream apart from the odd leak which needed to be fixed, and a terrible vibration in the front end that was resolved and one other thing; thereís something wrong with the gearbox. Itís as if it gets stuck in first gear sometimes and wonít change up until it reaches 28 kph. Other than her quirks, I love her.

Back to my reason for writing this. I have a question. Can anyone tell me anything about this anniversary badge? So far, Iíve not come up with a single reference to this badge in all the searches Iíve done over the years. Would really love some history please or even a point in the right direction to find info. Thank you in advance.

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